Sisterlocks- $325

(Ages 4-14 ONLY)

 Retightening - $75

($5 Shampoo service charge)​
Traditional Retwist - $45

(Ages 4-8 ONLY)

What we do

Locstar Studios consist of healthy practices ensuring the comfortability of clients and providing informational tips on how to maintain a healthy yet stylish look.

Locstar Studios

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Children Sisterlocks

The smile on this young lady's face upon completion of her Sisterlocks was priceless.  One of the things she looked forward to doing was being able to run her fingers through her mega dense hair, this is now possible with her Sisterlocks. 

Who am i

Toni Smith is a certified sisterlock consultant. She specializes in sisterlocks and brotherlocks. Toni displays a positive energy that radiates through her clients transforming their mind to a better place. She instills the knowledge and confidence to each of her clients letting them know, their inner beauty starts from the roots.



​Installations are broken up into 2 - 3 day increments. Your installation is the 1st and only time you will sit that long for Sisterlocks services because unlike extensions, the hair does not have to be taken down - only the new growth is retighten and that usually takes anywhere from 3-5 hours each 4 - 6 weeks.

How we do it

This uniquely beautiful style was created by Dr. JoAnne Cornwell back in 1993. The locs are created using a trademarked locking tool and technique. They are very tiny and uniform, taking a very long time to install.


About Locstar Studios

Traditional Locks

Starting at only $95, traditional locks can be achieved through back combing, finger curls or comb curls. It takes a few hours to “set these up” but you can control the shape and size of the dreads and your dreads usually reach maturity faster. 

Other Services


Consultation Service - $25 

Loc Repair - $20
Natural Hair Care Start-up - $55 
Treatments - $10 
Styles- $30

Color- $45 
Shampoo & Style - $40 
Loc Grooming - $20 
Traditional Loc Interlocking - $80